Grow your business with the BUMU Commercial Loan

These are extended to clients involved in income generating enterprises who wish to grow their businesses. These have a maximum repayment period of up to 18 months.

Begin the year with good financial goals

We all have different backgrounds and are at different points in our life so our financial goals will all differ...

How to complete your savings challenges like a boss

Super excited to get started? To help you with your savings habit, check out these tips. Adjust your mindset These...

Reasons Successful Businesses Borrow Money

It’s perfectly normal for a commercial enterprise to be in debt, and borrowing money to make money isn’t a new...

Factors for business success

In the past success was often put down to good luck, but as a society we have largely moved on...

Why Bumu?

Bumu provides demand driven financial services in the quickest possible time through highly competent and motivated staff

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