How to complete your savings challenges like a boss

Super excited to get started? To help you with your savings habit, check out these tips.

Adjust your mindset

These challenges are likely to help you gain new insights. But it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. 

Set your mind to be ready for the savings challenges, knowing that you won’t be spending any money. Instead, think about your money goal and how this will bring you closer to the amount you need. As you learn to save money, having the right mindset will be easier.

Set reminders

Set a reminder on your phone to help you save. Check on your account transactions and make sure that you’re reaching your savings goals by transferring enough money each week or month. 

Reminders are a really great way to begin a savings habit because they keep you on track but without you having to constantly think about money.

Create automatic savings

If you really want to go for big savings, make it as easy as possible. Automatic savings can help you to set aside any amount of cash in a passive way. So set up an automatic transfer to put money in your savings account during the challenge.

Ask a friend to join you

For extra motivation, ask a friend to try out a month challenge of saving with you. It’s more fun if you have someone to talk to who understands the process, and you might even save more money!

Pick a good time

Be smart about when you start your savings challenge. For example, maybe the end of the year sounds like a good idea until you remember the holiday expenses coming up. So you might choose the new year and start in January instead. 

Whatever week or month works best for you is great, just set yourself up for success with your savings habit.

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