Begin the year with good financial goals

We all have different backgrounds and are at different points in our life so our financial goals will all differ slightly. So your financial goals will be different than the next person. Here are some examples of financial goals you may set for yourself: These are just a few examples of financial goals you may […]

How to complete your savings challenges like a boss

Super excited to get started? To help you with your savings habit, check out these tips. Adjust your mindset These challenges are likely to help you gain new insights. But it’s best to be prepared ahead of time.  Set your mind to be ready for the savings challenges, knowing that you won’t be spending any money. […]

Reasons Successful Businesses Borrow Money

It’s perfectly normal for a commercial enterprise to be in debt, and borrowing money to make money isn’t a new idea. Here are four reasons why borrowing money for business is not just a fact of business life but often a smart choice. Start-up costs have to be paid Every business needs some form of […]

Factors for business success

In the past success was often put down to good luck, but as a society we have largely moved on from such ideas and researchers have studied businesses in detail looking for the common elements of success. Out of this has come a handful of common factors that successful businesses exhibit which enables them to […]

Why Bumu?

Bumu provides demand driven financial services in the quickest possible time through highly competent and motivated staff

Get your dream home with the BUMU Asset Financing Loan

This product loan enables customers to acquire their desired assets without paying for them all at once. BUMU finances the acquisition of assets and the assets financed usually forms part or all of the security for the loan.